A Pursuit of love

A city of love

A girl named Fiona, toured from village to city in search of love. As she reached the city and enlisted in an institute for her high education. As everything was new for her, she somehow felt worried and unfortunate in the city where there was no rapport. But day by day she turned on plummeting for the essence and for the tribe who are very considerate to her. As everything is driving adequately, she has a fortune of aspiration to accomplish her objective. She is a self-built character. She never seized the assistance of somebody to propel her path easily. Days are ratifying and she serves as the happiest soul ever after as because of her attainment compelled her to be. And she commenced a business which made her more prominent among all. She was awarded for Excellence and for her arduous chore. And she has everything with her like name, fame, money, family, friends, everything but somewhere she turned on feeling like forfeiting. She craved to recognize what certainly she is forfeiting and turned on digging it to comprehend what is precisely the aspect which is not compelling her to be fulfilled. The circumstances enveloped by her were given a hint, by which she got a vision of it. As she received a fraction of overtures, she never exhibited curiosity in it because her scrutiny towards her success is vital. As she fetched to realize the nonexistent aspect in her existence and she concentrated on it to achieve, it is none other than assembling a relationship which means searching for her eternal devotion. In her livelihood, everyone reckoned about erecting a rapport with her but she never lent any fuck to them. As she obtained a petition for some culture fest she obligates to attend it. There she found an individual named Clay with whom she felt like there was a connection in between them to be assembled. She turned on plunging for him because he evolved as her essence rather than the tendency. At that juncture, she guessed that she was fulfilled as she possessed with the devotion of her life. She surprised him with a wedding proposal. And he endorsed her as his world. Abruptly she got on a business trip for which she deferred her marriage and departed over there. Everything is going well. She met with a businesswoman called Jessica where their intent is similar towards business and conventional to private vitalities. Jessica is a lesbian and she adores girls. As Jessica met Fiona she started loving her because of her dignity and espionage and she surmised maybe they had that correlation in between them and she decided to persuade her for dinner and Fiona said yes for the petition. Jessica called her to the flat and intended a bewitching dinner for her and it made Fiona melt her heart and plunge for Jessica. Jessica conceded that she admired Fiona. As Fiona was stunned and demolished, she strolled away from there. That made Jessica awful. Fiona evacuated to her own place. Fiona began omitting Jessica badly even when she was with the love of her life and she started dwelling quiet and dull. She turned on excavating herself but she never got her excuse for the issue which made her get stunned. She felt approximately convening Jessica to get an excuse for the suspicion. Jessica was delighted to glimpse Fiona in her niche and when Fiona polled her a bunch of stuff directly Jessica retorted every doubt with one salute where Fiona received the excuse for everything in it. They made love and Fiona started confessing that what actually she is natural.And Fiona cleaned everything into clay and she divulged everything which transpired and the outcome of it. And clay pleased about her, discern her and endowed her to be the happiest soul and vacated from the place. In the end, Jessica and Fiona got married and commenced inhabiting their existence heartily ever after.

Moral: you need to admit what you are and what makes you happy rather than living miserable.

Article by : Maanvi

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