I am extremely awful while depicting this article about enhancing ravishment occurrences in India today. My qualm towards our community about our civilization? Have we forgotten that we are inhabitants of a province where women are in the realm (JAGAT JANANI)? Rape occurrences have boosted in our country, these incidents have troubled the country and preoccupy us like Nirbhya case (Delhi), Unnavo case (UP), Disha case (Hyderabad), etc… , speculating about all these events, it seems, what transpired to this society? Some issues in my mind, compelling to perceive like am I stable? What will arise when we are solitary? This renders my sanity scared. We have a lot of grievances, but we species will maim and glint the candle and will lend sermons and engage in our chore. The agencies will create commotion for limited days, then it will be calm. Then after a few days later some different episodes will cause and I am certain people will recite only on girls like they should not evacuate at twilight hours, they should have to wear adequate clothes, they should pronounce constrained in a public panel, etc… Have we eternally felt about what esteems we are bestowing to our pupils? Are we not credible for these happenings in our society? We constantly criticized girls, but never reckoned about our fellows, their attention, their nature, and what they have communicated with mine, what they want to do? I am so unhappy to see all this and very anxious because there will be no beneficial controversy on this social cancer, no one craves to assume and unravel this crisis. I don’t realize if in the prospect our girl pupil will be prudent in our community or not, if not then who will recoup them from these vicious buzzards. I am not soaring issues on the chore and actions which are rendered by our regime, judiciary, and authority, but I disputed our community whether we will bring it moral and prudent by bestowing mighty promising significances and domains to our youngsters. If civilization can appreciate anything with this manuscript, then our daughters should be cautious because the deliberation of a tribe possession in the federation will modify, civil alterations are feasible.



  1. There is good information regarding the evil prevailing in our society, about which we all have to think, otherwise one day it will come that both good thinking and good people will be eliminated from this society.

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