Sports is very essential for human life.

  1. Sports is very essential for human life which keep them fit and fine and physical strength. Sports bring discipline in life it teaches the way sitting ,talking, walking etc. sprots are an improtant part of just about every society and country involving everyone, whethere they are playing or watching . sports is a different games are there like individuals and groups games are there hockey,boxing,football,basketball tennis ,chess,handball all etc . They are differents games where the family and childrens are play and enjoy and making there healthy fine.sports are some where childrens playing for healthy fine and some are playing for government job like police,army,airforce,all etc . but now -a-days all peoples are coming out and doing execrise and playing sports because of corona virus this virus making the people to die .then the peoples like they old and young are coming doing excerise and fitness making our health good .known mostly peoples playing on moblie online games and sports and they sit one place play hole day where the children effect with the phone and there health be caming lazy and health problems to childrens . Most of all the childrens and there family coming to outside and playing and focus on and follow the streeful chores of everyday of life

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  1. Hi,
    Am Abdul Rehman from begumpet.Its good to hear that you are publishing about sports because now a days this generation youngsters are having a lot of lazyness and their parents also ignore it.Parents don’t think that their children are also having talent in them, ofcourse every child has a secret talent hidden in them but the question is why don’t the parents understand?they think that their child’s life and their money will be wasted but they don’t think that if he has luck he can shine.Also by playing sports the advantage is in the oldage they don’t get any type of diseases and we’ll be fit.So my humble request to the parents is that to not stop your children from playing sports because(TODAY’S CHILDREN ARE TOMORROW’S CITIZEN)!!Thank You…

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