KCR cabinet meeting at Pragathi Bhavan decides about lockdown.

KCR cabinet meeting at Pragathi Bhavan decides about lockdown.

RBM Desk: The Cabinet meeting started at Pragati Bhavan under the chairmanship of Telangana Chief Minister KCR. Primarily this meeting will decide on the lockdown. As the lockdown period announced by the government will complete by today, the meeting will decide whether to extend the lockdown or not. Information that the CM KCR is going to take a key decision on the lockdown in this context.

Information that there is a possibility of imposing an extension of lockdown for another ten days in view of the current situation in the state. The order seems likely to give a boost to several sectors.The corona has been declining since the lockdown was implemented across the state.

MP Owaisi, on the other hand, tweeted to the CM that the lockdown should not be extended. The Owaisi questioned the government that what poor would do in just four hours as they are suffering severely due to the lockdown.

He said the state chief minister KCR should take a decision keeping the poor in view, in the cabinet meeting held today. Owaisi said that, for poor people the situation has become worse in lockdown.

He said that only the vaccine could control the corona epidemic. Owaisi believes that mini lock-downs should be imposed in areas where corona penetration is high. In a few moments, the issues discussed at the cabinet meeting held at Pragati Bhavan will be taken forward by the media.

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