Are these the reasons for spread of corona in villages?

Are these the reasons for spread of corona in villages?

RBM DESK: The corona epidemic is causing a stir around the world and terrorizing the human race. The state and central governments have taken strict measures to curb the epidemic. Lockdown has already been implemented in many states. Corona cases have been steadily decreasing in states that have implemented lockdowns. Many are loosing their lives due to the corona.

Corona prevalence was high over Hyderabad with hundreds of cases being reported per day under GHMC. Corona cases in the GHMC are decreasing day by day with the lockdown imposed by the government. The people are abiding by the rules and cooperating with the government to curb the spread of the corona. Due to lack of vigilance in the first stage caused the corona to sink the second wave and take the lives of people to its paw. But now everyone is aware of the corona, vigilant and taking steps to end it.

While lockdown is an instrument to reduce corona penetration within the GHMC, enforcing it by police officers in its proper manner has become another weapon. Police have been taking action on those who come on the roads unnecessarily after ten o’clock in the morning, seizing their vehicles and registering cases. Lockdowns were implemented for those in sectors other than the sectors where relaxations were given.

The reason for the spread of corona in rural areas ..?

Corona proliferation was high in the first phase within the GHMC range. The corona boom spread even faster in the corona second wave as people ignored the corona to some extent. Corona cases in the GHMC have come down as the state government imposes lockdowns and says tough measures. In rural areas, corona prevalence was lowest in the first phase. The current corona has also taken over the countryside in the second wave.

Corona outbreaks did not have much of an impact on the village as people in rural areas were somewhat vigilant in the first place. Many claimed that the corona boom was exacerbated by some negligence on the part of rural people during the corona second wave. Some argue that the main reason for this is due to wandering in public places without following social distance. They said corona-infected people were also more likely to hang out with people in public

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