Why did the police move Anandayya to a secret area?

Why did the police move Anandayya to a secret area?

RBM Desk: We can say that there is no one right now who doesn’t know the name of Anandayya who invented the antidote to corona. Lakhs of rupees were squandered in a private hospital and eventually the survivors could not be saved. The belief that people will return if they go to the hospital with a corona infection is completely destroyed. No matter how advanced medicine in the world is, there is currently no way to protect it from the corona claw. Even the most economically developed countries have fallen into a state of helplessness unable to end the corona.

Anandayya, who is saving the lives of millions of corona sufferers without a rupee tap, is in the process of saving the lives of millions who have been slaughtered in a private hospital. Anandayya is saving the lives of the people by distributing free corona antidote made with herbs. Herbal medicine dedicated to just one village is now known all over the country. Many of those who took the medicine from Anandayya made it clear that there are no side effects of the medicine.

The Andhra Pradesh government has intensified research on the drug following the revelation of Anandayya Corona medicine. The Andhra Pradesh government has already said that the state government will provide the corona antidote to the people if it does not cause any side effects to the people. Clinical trials on this drug are already underway. Information that the government is likely to make this drug available to everyone as soon as the results come out.

Anandayya has been under police custody for the past few days. He was taken to his hometown by police on Friday. Police have set up heavy security at Anandayya’s house this morning. The villagers panicked as the police approached their village heavily. The villagers were worried that the police had reached his house heavily just to arrest Anandayya.

The order caused some altercation between the police and the villagers. The police appeased the villagers and sent them away. Police breathed a sigh of relief as the situation improved. Anandayya was evacuated by police from his residence to a secret location amid heavy security. The villagers who came to know about the matter said that Anandayya should not be taken into police custody. The villagers demanded to be told why they were being taken away.

Why was Anandayya detained by the police amid heavy security? What are the reasons for moving to a secret area? Questions of what is going on in the state are now being heard by everyone. Today, the AYUSH department will announce the final decision on Anandayya medicine.

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