Raasi asked him to marry her..

Raasi asked him to marry her..

RBM DESK: Raasi is an heroine who attracts people with her beauty and acting in movies. She entered film industry as a child artist at the age of 6 years, she debuted as Rajashekars daughter in Mamathala kovela telugu movie which came in the year 1986. Not only in telugu she also actedin tamil and hindi movies.

Raasi got married in 2005, she married suddenly while she was developing in her career. After marriage she took a long gap to re enter the industry. Raasi married the person whom she loved.

Raasi married Sri Muni in 2005. Sri muni is an assistant director and he also worked for Raasi movies. After marriage the couple settled in Hyderabad.

Raasi and Sri Muni were known to each through movies as Muni worked for Raasi movies. Later with the death of Raasi father she became more closer to Sri Muni.They became good friends within a very few days after their introduction. Raasi used to shared her grief with Sri Muni, later after few years Raasi asked Sri Muni to marry her. He agreed and they both got tied up in the presence of elders.

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