KCR no appointment for Congress leader Hanumant Rao

KCR no appointment for Congress leader Hanumant Rao

RBM Desk: Senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao went to Pragati Bhavan to meet state Chief Minister KCR. This morning Hanumant Rao went to Pragati Bhavan to meet KCR. Hanumantha Rao sought an appointment to meet KCR but could not get permission to meet KCR at Pragati Bhavan. Hanumant Rao waited for a while in Pragati Bhavan. Hanumantha Rao withdrew after the authorities refused to meet KCR.

Speaking to media on the occasion, Hanumant Rao said, “I came to meet KCR this morning but he refused my appointment”. He said he would avoided giving an appointment while he came to discuss about the situation in the state. He said people’s lives have become worse with Corona. On the one hand the beds in the hospital or the victims are in serious trouble. If you go to private hospitals to save the lives of corona victims, the owners there are playing with the lives of the people and exploiting them vertically. He said the government should do better treatment for the corona in the hospital, adding that people who do not trust the government hospitals are going to the private hospitals and sell are their assets to save themselves.

He came to Pragati Bhavan several times to talk to KCR to discuss public issues but never got an appointment. He asked-” why KCR is too scared to talk to”. Hanumantha Rao alleged that KCR was not counting when questioned from the public side. He said he had written many letters to KCR on public issues. He asked why KCR could not answer us.

He said the state government should discuss the problems of the people with each of the parties even in such catastrophic situations. He said the Congress party will continue to fight for the people of the state. V. Hanumant Rao demanded that the state government to stand by the families of the victims who died with Corona and give Rs two lakh to the affected families.

He said the state government should include corona treatment in Arogyasree and support them. Hanumantha Rao was outraged that the state government should keep its eyes open as many people are still being loosing their lives due to Corona. He said that in such a catastrophic situation, they are doing unnecessary politics, keeping the public services a side. V. Hanumant Rao clarified that the state and central governments have failed to bind the corona.

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