Anushka and Nayanthara challenged physically challenged characters

RBM DESK HYDERABAD: Anushka who is known as the lady superstar is one of the highest paid heroine in India. She got craze in public from her first movie. Then the craze got doubled with Arundati movie. The first name that comes out for the character of lady oriented movies is Anushka shetty. She acted in many heroine oriented movies like Arundati, Panchakshari, Rudrama devi, Bhagamathi etc. On the other side she is the lady who suits best for the heroine character in many movies and as a co-star for the top hero’s in the south film industry. Till 2015 her popularity was within South India after Bahubali- The beginning and The conclusion her popularity expanded all over the world. The movie got released in many languages in many countries. She have done a great job by fulfilling the her character in the movie. After Bahubali she continuing with her career as an heroine with all hit movies. This lady superstar challenged a difficult movie which was released on 2nd October 2020, it was released in Telugu and Tami languages. In this movie she acted as a mute-and-deaf artist, she gave life to the character with her extraordinary performance. All of her fans got impressed with her acting in the movie.

On the other side Nayanthara, one of the top heroines in South India started her career with a movie called Manassinakkare. Along with Anushka she is the one who best suits for lady oriented movies and also have done many lady oriented movies which got dubbed in Telugu and other languages. She acted with the top hero’s like Rajinikanth, Vikram, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Surya, etc. Recently she acted in a movie called Netrikann, in this movie Nayanthara is seemed to be blind. Fans got fully excited after watching the teaser, Nayanthara looks beautiful without eye shadows and with simple makeover. The teaser shows that she performed well as a blind woman. Fans are waiting for the movie release but due to pandemic time the movie may not be released in theatres and are planning for the OTT release.

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