Negative comments on Bigg Boss fame Divi.

RBM DESK HYDERABAD: Divi is an Indian telugu film industry actress. She acted in Mahesh Babu movie Maharshi. She was not known to the public before entering the Bigg boss house. She participated in Telugu Bigg Boss season 4 and from this show she got recognition in public. She stood only few weeks in the house but got a huge fan following. She impressed people with her beauty, respect and boldness.

After bigg Boss this beauty is doing photo shoots and started acting in advertisements. She had also become a brand ambassador of a company called Protein mart in Banjara hills. She acted in an advertisement related to this company. In this there will be conversation between Divi and her maid. Divi calls her maid “paapa” and maid calls Divi “paapa”, the scene contains praising about Protein brand. This advertisement video was posted by Divi on her Instagram. The word “paapa” made netizens to comment sarcastically, many of them commented negatively to this video. They trolled Divi by saying paapa is doing over action etc. and many more comments were seen.

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