Imagine a 16 hours of bath…..OMG

Imagine a 16 hours of bath…..OMG

RBM DESK: Normally we take five to ten minutes to take bath, few of them who are more beauty and health conscious will take half an hour. Have you ever heard anyone taking bath for 16 hours?..Recently a lady took bath for 16 hours. You might be shocked reading this but it is true, the woman herself posted about this in tiktok.

She posted a video of her legs in tik tok, in that video her legs look shrunk and pale. The woman wrote in the video- “what an accidental 16 hours bath look like omg, how do i revert my feet fast? Please help”.

Many of them who saw the video were shocked and they started posting their comments. Most of them are shocked and asked the only question that how it was possible for her to bathe for 16 hours”. How it was possible for her to spend that hours in the bathroom, A few asked, have you forgotten to take a bath and fell asleep? The woman did not respond to any of the question. Some of them are giving tips and some are suggesting to go to the hospital quickly.

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