Not only Humans even animals loose patients after some extent..

RBM DESK HYDERABAD:  In olden days people were not aware much about animal behaviour as they stood away from them. Now a days people are staying close to everything in the world not directly but indirectly through internet. Everything happening in the world is shown in social media. Recently an incident happened between Giraffe and a Rhino video is going viral in social media, in this video the naughty Rhino disturbs a calm Giraffe by poking with it horns on Giraffe legs. The Giraffe silently moves aways from Rhino, but still Rhino doesn’t stop doing that, after a while the Giraffe loosed its patients and suddenly gave a kick to Rhino. Then the Rhino ran away. This shows that even animals loose their patience. Netizens are making funny comments on this video in social media.

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