It is bad to obstruct the food distribution program .. Seethakka fired on government

RBM Desk Hyderabad: Mulugu MLA Seethakka said that the government is acting like a monster by obstructing the food distribution programs set for the poor people in these dire circumstances. She lamented the state government’s obstruction to the food distribution program set up by the Revant Reddy at the Gandhi Hospital to satisfy the hunger of the poor. The Chief Minister of the state does not care about the poor. She said, they will not allow people those who want to help the poor. “If you have a corona fear, lie down at home wearing a mask,” she said. She questioned whether it was wrong to feed the poor. Today, Seethakka reached the Gandhi hospital and carried out a distribution program for the poor. Mulugu MLA Seethakka demanded that the government should start a free meal assistance program near every hospital to help the poor from starvation.

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