When corona treatment will be included in Arogyasree?

RBM DESK HYDERABAD: When Telangana CM KCR will include corona treatment in arogyasree, many poor people are suffering from corona and losing their lives but still why Government is not including corona treatment in arogyasree, Y S Sharmila. He said eight months ago that he was planning to include corona treatment in Arogyasree in Telangana state. She said how many more days you will be thinking, asked Sharmila. Sharmila took to her Twitter platform to express her anger at the government for not fulfilling it even after eight months. Aren’t the poor the ones who are suffering from corona and dying? Are you dared that no one will ask. She said the Telangana state government should include Corona in Arogyasree before all the people unite. YS Sharmila was outraged on his personal Twitter account that if the corona treatment was not included in Arogyasree, the Kalvakuntla empire would be swept away by the people.

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