Gautam Raju fires on Doctors for his brother Siddarth death.

RBM DESK HYDERABAD: A tragedy has occurred in Telugu film actor, comedian Gautam Raju house. His brother Siddarth tested positive for covid and died while receiving treatment at the Kakinada Government Hospital. Siddharth is married and has children. Actor Gautam Raju said that his brother Siddarth died due to medical negligence. He said Siddharth had fallen sick due to corona and was having difficulty finding beds in hospitals and had confidently joined the Kakinada Government Hospital.

He regretted that despite the government providing all medical facilities, doctors are not treating patients with a humanitarian perspective while providing services. It’s terrible to tell patients that you don’t have functioning lungs and you will die.Doctors who treated him for three days said his lungs were damaged and decreased the oxygen leaving him without treatment.

For the special recommendation beds doctors are vacating the old cases by putting an end to the survivors. Kakinada government hospital is having a very good name from the past in AP, but now fue to some doctors it is getting a bad name. Corona patients survive by providing oxygen, but my brother was not provided with oxygen because of which we lost him.

I am not talking like this for any political benifit. I was greatly admired in the Telugu film industry as an actor. I’m speaking like this because this injustice done to my younger brother should not happen to anyone. The situation is same in the private hospitals also. There is no guarantee whether patients admitted will survive or not. If a couple is joining in hospital it is unknown that who will return home. Everyone be careful, said Gautam Raju.

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