Anushka Shetty’s different look

RBM DESK HYDERABAD: The lady superstar Sweety shetty or Anushka Shetty has become a trending topic in social media after her latest photo is seen, in which she wore a tracksuit. The picture of her was taken in Haridwar which she visited last December along with her friends. In this picture she looks chubby with a smile on her face. This image of her shows that Anushka has gained some weight. But social media users are not trolling her. Instead, netizens were happy to see her photo as she did not appear in public and shared a pic after long time. Fans admired her beauty and her beautiful smile.

At present, Sweety is in Bangalore spending time with her parents and siblings. Anushka was last seen in the movie Nishabdham in which she acted as a mute-and-deaf artist. With Madhavan as hero, directed by Hemant Madhurkar’s. This movie was released on OTT. There is a talk that, Anushka will be starring in a Telugu film under the direction of Mahesh.P to be produced by UV Creations. Naveen Polishetti is also going to act in this movie. However, Anushka has not confirmed yet about this talk.

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