The state government should give Rs 1500 to poor families in this dire situation: Sitakka, Mulugu MLA

RBM Desk Hyderabad: Mulugu MLA Sitakka demanded that the Telangana state government should give Rs 1500 to every poor family in this dire situation. It is a well-known fact that the state government imposed a lock down for ten days due to the high spread of corona. “She said, whenever Telangana Chief Minister KCR wants to have shrimp curry made with tamarind, it will be ready on his dining table then what about the daily labour who get their food only if they work for the whole day”.She said the situation of the living poor who had to do something for their stomachs had now become miserable due to lockdown. Mulugu MLA Sitakka demanded the state government to give Rs 1,500 to such poor families for the ten-day lock-down period.

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